Back to School News from Deb Ruggiero

Rhode Island is in Phase 3 and that means schools can open on August 31st. Although students and teachers can return to the classroom, the governor is not mandating that students return to the classroom.  Whatever decisions you, as a parent, make regarding your children returning to school will be the right decisions for your family.

Each school district is required to have approved plans that include three options – a full in-person class, a hybrid return with both in-class and remote learning, and distance learning for everyone. 

Jamestown Superintendent Ken Duva set a good tone during his Q & A with parents about Going Back to School. If you missed it, his introduction is worth a listen.   The district cannot allocate teachers and resources until they know how many students will return in-person, stay for distance learning (DL), or be home-schooled by parents.  So, please take the time to do the survey. Your feedback is important for bus transportation and resources.

If you’re curious about what other districts are doing, visit Rhode Island Department of Education’s website

Are you a HAMILTON fan? Well, this HAMILTON BACK TO SCHOOL MASH UP is a great parody! Stay well,

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