Michael White

Michael White
Town Council Candidate

Currently, our town, our country and our world face many challenges; a crisis of a deadly virus; a crisis of ignorance; a crisis of a complicated society that forces us to choose between safety and bankruptcy, between hate and tolerance.  

I see the future as a time when our town bands together, taking local action to protect our residents, welcome visitors and face the challenges of a dysfunctional national government. The challenges we face haven’t changed.  We strive to increase affordable housing, continue excellence in education, maintain our beautiful, safe island without overburdening taxpayers and manage our island’s water supply efficiently. 

My knowledge and experience as a soldier and federal civil servant for 33+ years and my abilities to communicate with others will serve me well as I serve our town.   

My wife Lee, son Jeremy and now his family have lived here for 30 years and have come to love this little bit of paradise.  My time serving on the Town Council, has, for me, been both a pleasure and challenge.  I look forward to continuing that challenge.