Mary Meagher

Mary Meagher
Town Council Candidate

“Keeping this beautiful island available to all of us remains my goal. We have improved town facilities and public spaces, but there is more to do to protect our coastline and our beaches and support the neighborhoods near them. I will work to develop more affordable housing, including for Town employees and volunteers. I will encourage expanded services for seniors. And I want to ensure that our library will meet the needs of the 21st Century. I have worked to make Town meetings more accessible and Town government more accountable. This is a wonderful place to live. I will continue to work hard to keep it so.”

Mary Meagher first moved to Jamestown in 1979 and has lived here full time since receiving her Masters in Architecture from MIT over  30 years ago.  Her residential design business is based here and she has designed many renovations, additions and new homes on the island over the years.

Her training and experience  have led her to focus  on the  town’s  infrastructure needs and, as a result, several long overdue projects, like the fire station, have been completed over the past six years or are in the works.  Mary believes strongly in making sure the public has a voice in the development of these improvements. She  has advocated that a clear, public process leads to a better result.  She helped reorganize town council meetings to make them easier for citizens to offer input. She has been a  staunch advocate for affordable housing, public space, and Council accountability.

She  is currently  the Town Council liaison to the library, serves on the Traffic Committee and is  chair of the Jamestown Seniors Working Group.

Mary knows Jamestown is a wondrous place to live and she will work hard to keep it that way.