Randy White

Randy White
Town Council Candidate

“The sense of community we share is as strong today as it was when I moved here almost forty years ago. There is much more that unites us than any issues that might seem to divide us. I am optimistic that if we work together for common-sense solutions to the challenges we face, we will achieve even greater progress and success in the years ahead. I have no pre-conceived political agenda, but I have concerns about keeping the island affordable, the use and preservation of our Island’s resources, and tick control and wildlife management. I care deeply about Jamestown and am ready to tackle any issues that arise. I will bring my rational, even-tempered, and thoughtful approach to problems as a new member of our Town Council.”

Randy White moved to Jamestown in 1980. Soon after coming to the island, he joined the Rhode Island Department of the Attorney General, where he served for 32 years as an Assistant Attorney General and criminal prosecutor. During those years, he handled many of the state’s most serious criminal cases and devoted his full attention to the demands of his position.

His three children – Alex, Owen, and Madeleine – grew up in Jamestown and graduated from the Jamestown schools and North Kingstown High School. His wife, Julia Held, served on the Jamestown School Committee for 11 years.

Now retired, Randy is excited about finally having the time and focus to give back to the town and family he loves so much. He has no preconceived political agenda but brings to the Town Council the ability to listen carefully and ask the right questions, and the skill and judgment to reach sound conclusions. He is confident that his thoughtful, rational, even-tempered approach to problems would be a good fit on the Town Council.