Resolution in Support of the ACT ON CLIMATE Bills

  1. WHEREAS, the Town of Jamestown places energy efficiency, carbon emissions reduction, and renewable energy choices among its top priorities; and, 

WHEREAS. The consensus opinion of the scientific community attributes the decades long global warming trends to human driven increases of the “greenhouse effect,” warming that results when heat radiating from the earth remains trapped within our atmosphere due to high levels of certain gases; and, 

WHEREAS, current Rhode Island state law, the Resilient Rhode Island Act of 2014, set aspirational goals for reducing our carbon pollution, which increases the greenhouse effect: 45% by 2035 and 80% by 2050, relative to 1990 levels; and, WHEREAS, the more rapid reductions in emissions are needed, in Rhode Island and everywhere, to prevent catastrophic heating of the planet by 2.7°F or more; and, 

WHEREAS, the 2014 law provides no means of accountability or enforcement if the state fails to meet these goals; and, 

WHEREAS, the 2021 Act On Climate bill (S0078 and H5455) fixes these problems with an amendment to the 2014 law. The legislation provides for:

  1. Faster emission reductions, consistent with climate science recommendations: 45% cut by 2030; 80% cut by 2040; and 100% cut (net zero emissions) by 2050. 
  2. Accountability and transparency: emission reduction targets will become legally binding. The state will have to publish plans, metrics, and a dashboard.
  3. Attention to job creation and a just transition: the state’s plans must include input from vulnerable communities, address public health and environmental inequities, and develop a diverse, well paid, clean energy workforce.

NOW THEREFORE, be it resolved, that the Democratic Town Committee of the Town of Jamestown calls on the Jamestown Town Council to urge passage of these bills by the General Assembly. 

WHERETO, the following bears witness Anne M. Livingston, Chair Jamestown Democratic Town Committee  

Adopted by the Jamestown Democratic Town Committee on March 22, 2021