The children come first.

Schools should reflect the values of their community and we are proud to say Jamestown schools do just that. Jamestown schools are among the best in the state. Our teachers are well versed in the new standards and methods of student evaluation.  And we have actually reduced our budgets, which ensured no tax increases for the past two years.

Agnes Filkins
I have lived permanently in Jamestown since 1998. I graduated with a BA from Emmanuel College, Boston MA and a Masters of Ed from Salem State College, now Salem State University.  In 1999, I retired from a 36-year career teaching elementary, junior high and high school.  The last 26 years of my career, I taught reading and English at Algonquin Regional High School, in Northboro, MA.  My tenure there included being Department Chair of the Reading Department and designing and teaching English to at risk students. I also was involved in Grades 1-12 curriculum development in language arts, chairing several committees.  Because I love teaching I continued in education by substitute teaching in Jamestown and North Kingstown.   I “retired” in June, 2015.

I firmly believe in contributing to the community I live in.  Since 1999, I been a docent and a board member for the Beavertail Lighthouse.  I also served several years helping with clerical duties for the Jamestown Emergency Medical Service (JEMS) and was a crew member on the ambulance for one year.  Presently, I serve on the Board of the Jamestown Community Chorus and am a member of the Jamestown Juvenile Hearing Board.

Kristine Lapierre
I and my family moved to Jamestown in the summer of 2015 because of the quality of the schools available to our daughter who was about to enter kindergarten.  Having seen all that the school system has given my daughter, I want to ensure that this quality continues not just for her and her classmates but for the students to come. I feel strongly that it is my responsibility to give back to the community in which I live. As a member of the School Committee, I will be able to do just that, drawing on my experience as an educator and my passion as a parent.

I am currently a High School English teacher in the Providence Public School District and a Teach Plus Rhode Island Teaching Policy Fellow with 11 years of experience in education. I have worked in public and private schools teaching a wide variety of students: English Language Learners, high achieving and advanced students, first-generation college applicants, those unable to thrive in a traditional classroom environment, and those with complicated learning profiles, including dyslexia. I hold a B.S. in Communications and Rhetorical Studies from Syracuse University, a B.A. in English from the University of Rhode Island, and an M.A.T. in Secondary English from Brown University as well as Secondary English teaching credentials in the states of Rhode Island and California and Professional Forensics Educator Credential from the National Speech and Debate Association.

Sheila Reilly
I have lived in Jamestown for 6 years and currently reside at 26 Pennsylvania Avenue with my partner, Peter Cosel, an attorney practicing in Newport.  We have two grandchildren.  I am a market researcher with 30 years of widely varied experience.   In 1995, I founded Reilly Group, specializing in qualitative research methodologies.

Jamestown is fortunate to have a high-functioning school system, which drives people to live here. We start children off on the right foot, toward happy, productive lives. This is not an accident. I want to continue that record of excellence for our kids, now and tomorrow. These kids are our future. Budgets are not infinite, however. I want to create and implement a strategy that maximizes the value of the school system for both the kids and the taxpayers. We need to look at our school system as a Town asset, not just as a cost center.

Keith Roberts
I have three children in the Jamestown schools (one at Lawn, two at Melrose) and have followed the workings of the School Committee closely, in particular the budget process. As an executive with a young technology company, I know about investment and bottom lines and building for the future. There is no greater investment a community can make than the education of its children. I was appointed to the School Committee in the spring  of 2018, and I look forward to a full term of ensuring that our investment is carefully managed but,  more importantly, that our children flourish.

Sally Schott
I have lived in Jamestown since 1994 with my husband Peter and we were lucky to send our three children through the Jamestown Schools.  Our eldest (Emily) is a 2016 graduate of North Kingstown HS and our twin sons (Will and John) finished 8th grade in Jamestown this past June and are freshmen at NKHS.  I am running for School Committee to help ensure that Jamestown Schools continue to offer an excellent education and with the hope that our schools will continue to attract young families to our island for years to come.

I worked in marketing and advertising in New York and Boston for 17 years and  chose to be home with my kids when they were babies.  This gave me time to be involved with the schools in Jamestown. During the 13 years I’ve had kids in the district, I served as co-chair of both Melrose and Lawn School Improvement Teams, was part of screening committees for more than one Superintendent and Principal, and was on the School Committee’s High School Review Committee.  I also had at the pleasure of being involved inside the schools as Yearbook Advisor and Chair of Island Treasures.  In addition to my work with the schools, I have served on the board and as President of the Jamestown Education Foundation, and was a Board Member of the Jamestown Historical Society where I served as Education Chair.  All these experiences, along with the relationships I was able to build with the administration, faculty and staff provide me with good insight into what it takes to provide excellent schools.