WHEREAS, during the recent pandemic, the critical importance and urgency of broadband access to the internet, for work, education, medicine, and maintenance of social and family connections, has become apparent, and 

WHEREAS, recent events in the State of Rhode Island, including significant slowdowns and outages of internet access, have demonstrated the need for improvements to that access, and 

WHEREAS, Residents of Jamestown have experienced those problems, and have, on occasion, suffered from lack of sufficient access to the internet; and 

WHEREAS, Rhode Island is only one of two states without a state-wide entity responsible for coordinating a strategy for improvements to internet access, which results in Rhode Island missing out on substantial federal funding for broadband; and 

WHEREAS, Technological improvements in internet access make this a critical time for ensuring that all communities in Rhode Island keep up with these developments; and 

WHEREAS, internet access has become a fundamental utility, as essential to society and our citizens as electricity; and 

WHEREAS, this bill is designed to create the necessary research and planning components so that Rhode Island will achieve a proper level of internet access for its citizens. 

NOW THEREFORE, it is hereby resolved that the Democratic Town Committee of Jamestown call upon the Jamestown Town Council to urge support of this bill, and any successor bills and all Senate counterparts, designed to achieve the objectives of House Bill H5148. 

WHERETO, the following bears witness: Anne M Livingston, Chair , Jamestown Democratic Town Committee 

Adopted by the Jamestown Democratic Town Committee on 22 March 2021.